EP555 - PN Racing Extreme Power 555mah Li-Ion 3.7V Rechargeable AAA Battery (4pcs)

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Artikelnummer: EP555
Tillverkare: PN Racing
Lagerstatus: 2 st


AAA Size 555mah Li-Ion battery 3.7v per cells.

These are NOT Ni-NH batteries
These 3.7v Li-Ion batteries nare instead to be used with Brushless ESC who supports 2S (7.4v) set up only
(and must be modified to 2S2P spec for any Kyosho Mini-Z)

Re-wire for battery terminals (2S2P) are required for all Kyosho Mini-Z VE or VE Pro boards
(will not work with all Mini-Z brushed boards and brush motors.

Li-Ion AAA set up 2x3.7v = 7.4v
Ni-MH AAA set up 4 x 1.2v = 4.8v
(do not direct put this Li-Ion batteries in your Mini-Z)

Must use Li-Ion battery charger with charge rate at no higher than 0.5A