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MR-03VE PRO Chassis + Perfex KT-18 Transmitter Set is compatible with a huge variety of W (wide) - MM mount body styles.

Here is the equation: keep cost down but must have a brushless motor, want to start with a MINI-Z but the Sports Series doesn’t have quite enough features. The perfect answer to this problem is the MR-03VE PRO brushless chassis + Perfex KT-18 transmitter set. The VCS (Variable Camber Suspension) optimizes camber in accordance with suspension stroke and a new Xspeed VE Eco Tune brushless motor and gear diff drive system sings in unison with the high performance servo & ESC using MHS(Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum)2.4GHz system. Now the superior performance and control of the MR-03VE PRO can be at your fingertips for a great package cost. Also, as the chassis is compatible with the popular wide tread and MM mount (98mm wheelbase), the MR-03VE PRO makes an ideal base chassis for racing. The included mid-range Perfex KT-18 transmitter provides separate setting of throttle end-point as well as separate setting of left/right steering throw. The transmitter can be registered with more than one chassis, and the 2.4GHz control system allows up to 40 models to be run at the same time. Boasting its most powerful specifications to date, the performance of the MR-03VE PRO chassis combines with the Perfex KT-18 transmitter to deliver easy operation with the power of a brushless motor. 
The Perfex KT-18 included is compatible with the ASFS2.4GHz system. As with the current MR-03VE PRO, the Syncro EX-6 (sold separately) is required to operate on the MHS2.4GHz system.

*Compatible with body styles for the MINI-Z Racer MM mount. **Optional motor case and gear diff assembly may be required for some body styles.
*Front VCS suspension optimizes camber according to suspension stroke.
*Includes digital steering servo with coreless motor.
*Coil spring on the front suspension can be easily replaced by removing the spring stopper with just two screws.
*Full ball bearing specification.
*Compatible with various optional parts for the MR-03 chassis.
*Compatible with “MHS 2.4GHZ system”, the fastest response system in the history of the MINI-Z. **Transmitter sold separately