MR3-017-W05 ATOMIC MR-03 Front Upper Suspension Brace (W0.5°)

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Artikelnummer: MR3-017-W05
Tillverkare: Atomic
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ATOMIC MR-03 Front Upper Suspension Brace (W0.5°) MR3-017-W05 Quantity: 1 Set. To enable more tuning potential, Atomic releases MR-03 2 degree Caster Brace to suit the needs for various track material/design and handling requirements: 0.5 degree Alum. caster brace r x 1 F.R.P front bulk cove rx 1 Aluminum top brace increases strength of suspension components and durability High precision CNC machining and fixed Caster design eliminates the need to add shims to the upper arms to achieve caster; thus minimizing suspension play and stiction when car is in motion. Active camber enhances high speed cornering stability. More front grip is achieved when car reaches corner Apex. Remarks: Use the optional Atomic Type "A" and "B" MR-03 tie rods to make various setting adjustments for different track layouts.