MR3070B Double A-Arm Front Suspension (Blue)

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Version 3 (Comes with MR3062 Upper Bracket)

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•Unequal length A-Arm suspension for MR-03 chassis.

–Modeled after full scale performance car suspension for realism.

–Double A-Arm suspension gives good control of suspension geometry and roll center during travel.

–Camber change with suspension compression during cornering keeps wheels near vertical for maximum tire contact with road. Allows for precise cornering and maximum road holding.

•Direct suspension swap

–Same width as stock. (MR02 width)

–Ride height remains the same as stock.

–.5mm wider front steering geometry for less offset and faster steering. Overall width still remain the same to fit Auto Scale bodies.

•No bump steer throughout suspension travel.

•Suspension movement use ball joints instead of sliding knuckle. Eliminates stiction associated with sliding pin especially with high offset wheels.

–Low stiction results in consistent cornering.

•Machined aluminum ball socket instead of snap fit. Joints will not pop out even during hard collision.

•Adjustable camber from 0-3° degrees with 1.3°/mm of camber gain.

•Adjustable caster from 0-1.8° degrees

•4 position adjustable upper A-Arm pivot

–Changes camber gain, static camber and roll center

–Quick adjustment with set screw

•Includes 3 tie-rods: 0° , +.5°  and +1°

•Quick down stop adjustment with turn of a nut

•Benefits of the sophisticated suspension system are precise cornering and maximum road holding which adds to mini-z driving pleasure



Droop Ajustment

Caster Adjustment

Camber Gain and Camber Adjustment

Tie Rod Adjustment



1 x Upper Bracket

1 x Lower Carbon Plate Cover

2 x Upper Arm

2 x 1 Degree Lower Arm

2 x King Pin

2 x Spring Guide Pin

2 x Spring Holder

2 x Knuckle

2 x King Pin Ball

2 x E-Clip

2 x Eccentric Shaft Adjuster

2 x Lower Arm Pin

4 x M2 Set Screw

1 x 0 Deg Tie Rod

1 x +0.5 Tie Rod

1 x +1.0 Tie Rod

2 x M2x4 Screw

4 x M2x6 Screw