Swave E Micro ESC (Sensored / Sensorless)

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Swave Eis one of the smallest and lightest brushless ESC for sensored as well as sensorless motor. Ideal for mini R/C races and drift.
It has excellent performance and full Functional in sensored mode.

Swave E Technical characteristics

Dimensions (mm)                     12 x 22 x 7

Const./Brust Current                 (A) 10/30

Supply Voltage                2s LiPo/4-6 Cell Nimh

Sensor inputs                                  1

Car applicable                   1:28 Race and Drift

Resistance (Ohm)                      0,0223

Weight (g)                                     2.73

Programming input                         1

Support motor                  Motor size 1528, Brushless, Sensored and sensorless DC motors up to 8000 kv

Product included

  • ESC x 1
  • Battery cable x 1
  • Receiver cable x 1 (Futaba/Airtronic Type)
  • Receiver cable x 1 (Micro 1.5mm JST)


Optional (Not included in packing, need to buy Separately)

5300kv sensored brushless motor (Coming Soon) 

Motor included:-

  • Power cable x 3
  • Sensor cable x 1

UART Link (Not included in ESC pack, need to buy Separately)

Cable for connecting your ESC to any Android device.

Download Here:  Swave E Android App     or      Google Play

Adjust your ESC for better performance

Download user manual